Her Journey

Katherine Parr is an entrepreneur and artist whose haute bohemian designs capture symbolism from global culture.

Born in the United States to an American family of educators, artists, and musicians, she explored different cultures through books, museums, and artwork as a child, as well as creating jewelry, artworks, and clothing with whatever materials she could find.

Following graduation from Villanova University School of Business, she began her career as a fashion model. She was featured on CNN World News when she left her career to work as an inner city schoolteacher of new immigrant children from around the world.

Katherine is a Senior Advisory Board Member for Remake, a non-profit organization that is igniting a conscious consumerism movement though education programming. She is on the Advisory Board of Custom Collaborative, a Harlem-based social enterprise helping women with education for the fashion industry, entrepreneurship and sustainability. See the TEDxTalk on Conscious Consumerism.