Philosophy of Sustainable Luxury

Jewelry Created for You

Our philosophy of Sustainable Luxury suits your discerning taste. 

We bring you jewelry of the finest materials we search the world for, the highest quality vetted craftsmanship, and use Katherine's global inspiration from her travels to add to your personal style.. 

We consider the planet and our people in all that we do as much as possible.. 

Sustainability and ethics run through our veins and we know you care about these standards as well.

Who Made Your Jewelry?

Our radical transparency is epitomized by our commitment to the people who make our jewelry.
We know the facilities where our artisans work are ethical and transparent, with safe working conditions and fair pay. Our main facility employs families of talented artisans who have worked there for generations, marrying heritage techniques with contemporary technology.

                                 Community Support

We support artisan and primary school education in communities where the artisans live and work. We understand that it is not just the artisans we must care about, but the future of their local communities and their families for whom they are working to support. 

Craft and Community

We have a commitment to culture, craft, and heritage. Our designs feature symbolic motifs often that exude historical significance with a focus on global culture. We marry the styles of the past with the future, epitomizing sophistication and heritage.

Considered Processes &

Reducing Waste

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by doing everything possible in controlled environments with the highest quality of standards.

We only work with strictly vetted facilities for our artisans. From the cutting of our stones, we ensure the artisan cutters are working at the highest standards of precision which further reduces waste.


Thoughtful Packaging 

We are proud that our jewelry bags are handmade of beautiful repurposed fabrics by female artisans we know under the auspices of Custom Collaborative, a Harlem-based non-profit that aids low income immigrant women with education and employment.