Katherine Parr
Katherine Parr

 "This isn't a story you heaR every day."        

T.J. Holmes, CNN World News


Katherine is an artist, designer, and social entrepreneur based in New York City. She began her career as a fashion model, discovered by photographer Patrick Demarchelier after earning her degree from Villanova University's School of Business. She has been featured in runway shows, magazine editorials, advertising campaigns and commercials in international fashion markets.

Katherine left the fashion world in a move which was featured on CNN World News. She left her fashion career to pursue her U.S. government teaching certification simultaneously with work as a schoolteacher of immigrant children in an inner city for over five years. An artist since childhood, she developed a series of decorative arts and jewelry during this time which was inspired by the diverse cultures of her students and international travels as a model.

Her work created during this time was featured in a show at an art gallery in Europe and has been shown in a variety of locations and worn by public figures.

She continues her jewelry and art designs which express her interest in global culture, having worked with artisans in locations including Kabul, Afghanistan, Cape Town, South Africa, and New York City. She recently styled a cover of L’Officiel magazine, featuring solely sustainable fashion designs, an expression of her passion for style and sustainability. She is in the process of launching Parré Chocolat, a luxury chocolate brand that brings happiness and luxury from the farm to your chocolate.

Katherine lives in New York City with her husband.